We are unique in the action sports sector, and this is why.

Overhead view of the empty site at Source Park skatepark facility in Hastings, East Sussex. A single modular ramp section is lowered into the subterranean site by crane, whilst four Cambian install contractors in hard hats and highvis jackets walk towards the camera below


The team at Cambian is multi-disciplinary, drawing on experience and skills from within Architecture and Engineering, the sum of our parts far exceeding the potential of us as individuals.

But the team has deeper roots too, and decades of first-hand experience enjoying a life on wheels, rock, sea and snow. In our opinion, it is this which enables the application of our skills to deliver world-class results, appreciated equally by facility operators and their customers.


We embrace technology at every stage of our workflow and following heavy investment, have extensively developed our in-house processes around its use. This directly translates to results for our clients in all parts of the process and beyond.

Our industry-leading use of Siemens NX CAD software facilitates the entire design process, be that from architectural concept iterations using virtual reality, or the creation of detailed assemblies of hundreds of thousands of unique parts.

Our automated use of Alphacam CAD/CAM software translates this data to our CNC department seamlessly and ensures our waste is kept to an absolute minimum.


Only by doing (almost) everything in-house are we able to deliver the results and quality we demand of ourselves. We outsource only the most specialist manufacturing tasks, which are carefully dealt with by our longstanding and trusted partners.

From the genesis of any project and architectural design, right through to hand-over, by keeping everything under the control of our dedicated team we can control quality at every stage. Quality in this case means more than just physical execution; we believe it directly translates to enhanced user experience.


Our off-site methods take the well-proven practices of employing factory conditions to architectural scale construction to the next level.

We produce all our walls and parks in an almost completely modular format, achieving exceptional accuracy and speed of installation. Only the skilled fabrication and hand fitting of factory made components is then required to complete the project.

Working in this way, in conjunction with our digital methods of design and construction, achieves our unrivalled quality of finish.

Articulated lorry with sides open, loaded with modular sections of a skatepark install


This is no green-wash, but at Cambian we take our responsibility to protect the planet seriously. It is this in part that leads to our material of choice – wood – but not just any wood.

We use the finest quality Birch and Spruce ply, sourced sustainably from around the world. Slow grown, sustainably managed and used with the minimum of waste. Whilst offering the additional benefits of carbon capture and storage, the real net benefit comes when comparing the full life cycle costs against alternatives like concrete, where our methods and materials are leaps and bounds ahead.

So if you want to be sure your project isn’t going to cost the earth, Cambian is the obvious choice.

For your project, choose Cambian