We offer a complete turnkey solution to delivering world-class action sports architecture, from concept to completion.

Consultancy & Feasibility

Whatever your aspirations, for a building, location, event or facility, the sooner Cambian are part of the project team the better!

Our combination of experience in using, managing and delivering world-class action sports and mixed use venues is invaluable from the outset.

This experience from all sides of the table enables us to steer projects from the earliest stages, ensuring quality and sustainable outcomes, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

So whatever you have in mind, share it with us and we can help it flourish.

Architectural Design

Our belief is that inspirational architecture and facilities are key to the success of any centre, and their effectiveness in progressing the sports and individuals they are for.

We’ve not even come close to realising this potential, and are on the constant search for the projects, partners and opportunities to really make some something extraordinary.

So yes, we can produce some fancy pictures, but the thinking these embody is where we can make a real difference.

A CAD rendered view of Mags on Ramps, an indoor skatepark in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Showing the bowl room and the street style section.

Climbing & Bouldering Centres

Our lifelong passion for climbing has spanned (nearly) the entire evolution of the purpose built climbing centre. It is this experience that drives our centre design and build projects.

As important to create a simplified canvas for route setting as it is to create the atmosphere conducive to both the joy of climbing, or training hard for your next project.

Having been through a boom in recent years, we believe that as competition in the sector increases, the high-quality facilities are those that will be successful.

Indoor Skateparks

We’ve created some of the most iconic and progressive indoor skateparks throughout the UK, in some of the most challenging locations.

Our designs build on multiple lifetimes in the team spent riding and skating, digging and building. The results speak for themselves, but receive unanimous approval from the best in all sports, from the world over.

Widely known for being amongst the smoothest and best built wooden parks out there, our unique combination of engineering experience and first-hand user experience mean we know what counts. We always go the extra mile to ensure a safe, quality user experience, and in the same way achieve unrivalled durability and serviceability.

Mixed Use Design & Build

In our view, the mixed-use action sports centre is the format of the modern leisure centre. Be that stand-alone and out of town, or integrated into a re-purposed high street. The increasing popularity of action sports is both a function of profile and accessibility, meaning that new ventures can be assured of enduring appeal and commercial viability.

But this approach has more to offer, to the community. Bringing together like-minded people from different sports, in creative and social environments, offers an extraordinary place to work and play. A new model for creating appeal and bringing prosperity back to the centre of town? We think so.

Public Sector Skateparks

Wheeled sports facilities in the public sector have changed a lot through the years, with the priorities of local authorities commonly being at odds with those of the users.

Time and time again the question of material is asked. Fortunately, the prevalence of metal surfaces has decreased, whilst many parks are now concrete. However, wooden exterior parks have long been the choice of many due to a smooth feel, a good level of friction and an increased level of safety due to the impact properties of wood.

Our hybrid system for exterior parks eliminates all the points of weakness in traditional wooden ramps by good design, using techniques more commonly seen in the architectural design of buildings.

Events & Meanwhile

Our commercial centres commonly host some of the world’s best known events; for example The Battle of Hastings at Source Park and BlocFest tour which visits Yonder. Designing with this in mind presents an interesting challenge, commonly at odds with day-to-day operations, but we have achieved results that surpass our expectations.

In other, more transient locations, we’ve created some of the most iconic settings for one-off events, like the Nike Tunnel Jam, legendary to this day!

So if you are looking to promote a brand, or have a space you simply don’t know what to do with then reach out and we’ll be sure it’s one that’s talked about for years to come.

Interface Climbing

Interface Climbing was born during the lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic, but in truth was just a realisation of a lifelong dream of the team to climb at home.

This comprehensive range of flat-pack climbing walls on a range of domestic scales are available with custom matting, covers etc. to provide a high-quality, low-impact answer to those looking to enjoy climbing away from the rock or commercial centre.

You can find out more or purchase online at interfaceclimbing.com


Originally born as the climbing hold companion to our Interface walls, Greenhold is our range of climbing holds and grips, ideal for any training board or commercial centre.

Shaped entirely in-house and replicated by CNC, these holds represent a sustainable alternative to various polymer holds which have become the norm since the advent of artificial climbing walls.

You can find out more or purchase online at interfaceclimbing.com


Our range of flat-pack ramps go way back to our earliest products and the first of our creations, long before the birth of Cambian.

The range includes kickers, ledges, modular elements and more to come soon.

Currently available worldwide and exclusively through SourceBMX.com

Other Projects

Being a part of Cambian Engineering Solutions outside of the action sports sector, our Advanced Engineering division also works on a wide range of other projects.

Incredibly varied and commonly highly demanding in nature, we draw on the experience and technology we have developed in the action sports projects, so that other sectors may benefit from our unique skill set.

Taking on anything from Plywood flight simulator cockpits, to composite footbridges & mould tooling for many of Europe’s best known buildings, we will consider anything and don’t shy away from a challenge!

Visit cambian-advanced.com to find out more.

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