We wholeheartedly believe that we are amongst the best partners to work with in creating the modern leisure facilities of the future.


The benefit our experience brings to your project may be intangible, but we believe it is invaluable.

From our understanding of angles on a wall, to just how many screws are required to ensure the perfect smooth surface, our years of embedded professional engineering, architecture and manufacturing knowledge deliver results of the finest quality.

We are always learning, and the sum of this to date is our experience. When we are part of your team we are sure you will feel the benefit.


As a collective of perfectionists we are often our own worst (or best) critics.

Quality can take many forms, and have many benefits. The endless pursuit of both are always at the heart of our methods of working and the results we deliver.

Quality, we believe, starts with quality of design. Only when properly designed, can quality of material and workmanship show through. This in turn will deliver longevity; not just longevity of finish, but of appeal.

So if you want your project to stand the test of time, Cambian’s commitment to quality is a good place to start.


Cambian exists to serve its clients.

We are here to listen, to understand and to interpret your wants and needs. Building on this with our experience, we design spaces that will work for you and your clients, day in day out. We take the time to share the journey with you, and gladly receive feedback. We deliver your finished project with all our loving care and attention, for you.

But don’t just take our word for it. All our clients are more than happy to share their views on our service, and we are confident you’ll like what you hear. So reach out to us and we’ll happily link you up for a chat!

Attention to detail

The devil is in the detail, so they say, but we prefer to see beauty.

In consideration of the finer details, to achieve both form and function is the opportunity to create something with a natural elegance. On some this is lost, but all will appreciate what comes with it: quality, longevity, sustainability and much more.

Working with Cambian will afford your project that dedication, to consider the detail, and deliver elegant results.

Forklift truck installing a wall panel component at a climbing centre project

Turnkey deployment

When we take on a project, we deliver.

From feasibility studies and architectural concepts, to the final inspection and hand-over, every part of the process is completed by our in-house and dedicated team, leaving nothing to chance. Where required, we also operate as main contractor, bringing on board third-party trades to provide the complete package.

Everything from the mats in your gym, to the kitchen sink, considered and delivered to the same exacting standards. Not only does this achieve exceptional and coherent outcomes, but affords our clients the space to focus on operational priorities and preparing for opening!

Ongoing Support

When we hand over we don’t just walk out the door.

We aim to provide support to all our installs for their economic lives, and retain data created in their creation indefinitely. For our clients this means that we can always supply replacement components to deal with those unfortunate mishaps, or assist with relocation to a new premises.

Our clients are the most important part of our business, and we believe supporting them remains a key part to building these relationships. So from a formal maintenance contract to a quick chat for some advice, our team remains here for you, for the duration.

Overhead view of Yonder, a major new climbing centre install in Walthamstow, London. Showing mezzanine structure and climbing walls below

We are unique

Ultimately this is what it all comes down to.

No other organisation in the industry can match up to our combination of skills, facilities and dedication to quality.

The results we have achieved speak for themselves, but many of our clients are happy to do that too.

Working with Cambian will bring our unique skill set to your project, and we are confident that you will see the benefit.

Let’s realise something exceptional, together. Start by contacting Cambian today.

For your project, choose Cambian