Our mission

We strive to create the world’s best action sports facilities. Leading the industry with our unique mix of sustainable materials and cutting edge manufacturing technology.

What we do

We offer a start-to-finish service – from design and manufacture to installation. Our bespoke service covers anything from landmark custom projects to local installations, to off-the-shelf home equipment.

Why choose Cambian?

Our combination of experience, capability and high quality engineering allows us to offer unique action sports facilities, across the UK, europe and worldwide.

Overhead view of cambian's cnc manufacturing facility and assembly workshop located in Billingshurst, West Sussex


Cambian Action Sports brings together a team of engineers, designers and fabricators. Many of our team are also passionate riders and climbers, and they bring every bit of their passion and knowledge to every project we produce.

Their skills are combined with cutting edge 5 axis CNC production methods to create the finest quality wood action sports facilities.

Our skateparks and climbing walls are engineered to be long lasting, look fantastic, and create incredible action sport experiences.

Deciduous forest at springtime in the South of England


Protecting the planet is engrained in every aspect of Cambian’s operations

Wood represents one of the lowest carbon footprints of any material. By partnering with Cambian on your next project, your organisation could significantly reduce its environmental impact. All whilst enjoying the performance and cost benefits associated with engineered wood construction.

Our digital material inventory ensures that material is processed with as little wastage as possible, with any additional being converted to biomass fuel.

All our raw materials are sourced from FSC and PEFC certified sustainably managed forests.

Member of the Cambian workshop team inspecting surface finish on an archictectural mould in our spraybooth


One of the most important core values at Cambian is our commitment to the highest standards of quality in all facets of our operations.

As part of our continuous pursuit of the highest standards we are currently completing ISO9001 certification.

We implement rigorous quality management at every level of the business, which is supported by our resource planning system.

In addition to conventional quality standards, we are able to accommodate any specific controls or compliance that may be required by your industry.

Cambian founder Piers Chapman on-site during a project installation


Piers Chapman founded Cambian in 2011, with the vision of applying advanced engineering principles and quality processes to manufacturing in engineered wood.

His passion for cycling, rock climbing and the outdoors has lead to the development of revolutionary methods of manufacturing action sports facilities, first skateparks, and now applying that experience to the growing indoor climbing sector.

With a background of an MSc in Engineering Design and Industrial Management at the University of Sheffield, he utilised his experience in high speed precision machinery to create an efficient production ecosystem.

Building on this experience, the company has diversified to serve a wide range of markets, staying true to its founding principles of high precision engineering in wood.